workshops on our creative process

   Workshop participants will explore the creation/performance process in which both cast and audience are collaborative partners, taking active roles in shaping stories.  We will delve into an improvisational approach to developing a fully collaborative ensemble show --musically and dramatically— to genuinely partner with the audience to tell stories.


  • On Their Imaginary Forces:  Engage audiences as collaborative partners.  This includes using social media to empower audience members to engage in creating stories by telling the actors on stage what their character is, what happens next, what the villain's motivation is or anything else that they care to throw out.  


  • Lord, What Fools:  Using Improvisation to Develop New Material.  We lead actors to collaborate improvisationally to develop characters for both traditional scripted and innovative original work.  We particularly explore how this process is at the core of ensemble development and how it extends to the performance of fully fledged original productions.


  • Your Own Show:  We develop an original show with workshop participants, with or without music. We have done one- and two-day versions of this workshop, and have done it in as little as an hour.  (We have also done, locally, week-long and two-week versions of this workshop.)  

Meet Daved Driscoll


Daved is founding Artistic Director of Minnesota’s SkyVault Theatre Company, which tours statewide with high-energy, audience-interactive original productions featuring original music, and also of Words Players Theatre, an active educational and youth theatre. Beyond his BA and MFA degrees, he has undertaken additional graduate studies in theatre, education, literature and history at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kansas, Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English, SUNY Geneseo, and Oxford University. Daved has been Rochester’s Arts Educator of the Year, and been awarded several National Endowment for the Humanities study grants for educators. He has taught and directed high school, college, and community theatre music and literature for more than 30 years, specializing in audience-interactive improvisation for the last 15. Daved currently serves as Vice President of the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, as a Grant Review Panelist with the Minnesota State Arts Board, and on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Association of Community Theatres.