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2016 Fringe Festival Comments

  Since 2013, SkyVault has been writing music and adapting Shakespeare text to fit as lyrics in their Folksy-Jazz style to accommodate their stories.  One of the chief music writers, Aidan Driscoll stated that "This show was particularly fun, because Two Gentlemen of Verona as Shakespeare left it felt really unfinished to us, so it gave us a lot of opportunity to explore, you know, what characters got what songs and what those modes were.  The Outlaws are kind of these bumbling guys that take themselves really seriously, so they get this upbeat jig. Julia is a very solemn, sincere character, so she got the very simple love ballad."  

SkyVault has won more than a dozen national awards for Verona specifically, including Outstanding Achievement In Original Music Composition & Performance at AACT*Fest 2017 Region V and Outstanding Achievement In Live Original Music at MACT*Fest 2017.