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The Story

   A band of motley minstrels discover that Will, their fearless leader who took down all the notes on the shows they made up while on the road, has snuck off to London and taken all the adult actors with him.  Left on the road, the youth troupe enacts a new play (Two Gentlemen of Verona) based on a spare page of notes Will has left behind—though it sounds to them more like "the backwash from all of our other shows.”

   Through audience interaction, ladder bits, and integrated music the cast creates a story from the ground up with love, tragedy, and outlaws.   



2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Bottomless Hat Awards - Best New Act

2017 AACT Fest State Level - Outstanding Achievement in Live Original Music

2017 AACT Fest State Level - Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Work 

2017 AACT Fest State Level - Best of Fest 

2017 AACT Fest State Level - Outstanding Achievement in Live Original Music

2017 AACT Fest Regional Level - Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Work

2017 AACT Fest Regional Level - Outstanding Achievement in Directing

2017 AACT Fest Regional Level - Best of Fest

2017 AACT National Level - Aidan Driscoll for Best Supporting Actor (Nominated)

2017 AACT National Level - Rebekah Novinger for Best Supporting Actress (Nominated)  



Rebekah Novinger 



   Rebekah acted in several Company productions before being part of a 2012 SkyVault creative collaboration that wrote an entirely original , on-stage , silent movie. The Sky is Falling!  included sight gags and slapstick comedy, and was performed with set surrounding the audience.  Since then Rebekah has been at the center of creating numerous plays with SkyVault. This is her fifth collaborative involvement in a Shakespeare production, and she was a founding member of the 2014 award winning troupe at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. She has developed scores for theatre productions (including Book Travelers and nAnnie McTwist ) and films. In addition to acting in over two dozen plays over the past seven years, she has been involved with costuming, teaching, and directing. Rebekah plays piano, bass, accordion and ukulele.


Logan Guo

(Sprucetop/Noggin Noggin) 

   This is Logan's first Shakespeare collaboration. He has collaborated on writing other original show music, and has written numerous songs with SkyVault. He has performed in a dozen or so SkyVault productions, in the Sherwood Forest cast at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and plays banjo, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and baritone.  Look for his new musical instrument creation in this show: the 1/2 buh. 

Ashley Harding


   Ashley has been a member of the Company since 2010.  Since then she has performed in more than 20 theatre productions and as a member of SkyVault's Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast.  She has worked on creating several shows, and this is her sixth Shakespeare collaboration.  She has also been active directing, stage managing and teaching.  She accompanies the group on percussion.   

Molly Kiley

(Ovna Tella) 

   This is Molly’s fifth collaborative development of SkyVault’s annual Shakespeare production.  Her first stage appearance was at age 8.  Since then she has been in more than a dozen shows, and in SkyVault’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast. Molly has also held many lead tech roles, as well as worked as production coordinator and teacher.

Olivia O'Neil


   Olivia has collaborated in writing two original musicals, has been part of The Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast and has had several roles since her first stage appearance in Camelot (2012).  Olivia has experience in various production roles, including costuming and teaching.  She plays ukulele, guitar and clarinet.

Margaret Slater


   Margaret began performing on stage at age 6. For the past two years, she has been on teams that have created several musicals, including an original youth production, nAnnie McTwist, plus A Christmas Carol Radio Show.  She has performed in more than two dozen shows, and was part of the 2015 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Sherwood Forest Cast.

Lauren Tebben


   Lauren has developed a number of stage and film scripts with SkyVault and other organizations, helped create and also performed in A Christmas Carol Radio Show, and has performed in SkyVault’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast. Lauren has had many roles, including acting and directing in more than a dozen productions, as well as teaching.  She plays french horn, bass and trumpet.

Josiah Novinger


   This is his first Shakespeare collaboration.  He has been involved in about a dozen Company productions, and was on the creative team that developed an original musical, Phantom of the High School Musical.  He has had several tech roles, and plays harmonica and guitar.  

Aidan Driscoll

   Aidan made his first appearance at age 6.  He has been part of a creative collaborative ensemble since 2012, when a group wrote an original, onstage, silent movie, The Sky is Falling! which Included sight gags and slapstick comedy and was performed with the set surrounding the audience.  He has acted in more than two dozen productions and at The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and has created music for film and stage (including Book Travelers and nAnnie McTwist).  He plays guitar, ukulele, banjo, balalaika and mandolin.