The Story

   A band of motley minstrels discover that Will, their fearless leader who took down all the notes on the shows they made up while on the road, has snuck off to London and taken all the adult actors with him.  Left on the road, the youth troupe enacts a new play (Two Gentlemen of Verona) based on a spare page of notes Will has left behind—though it sounds to them more like "the backwash from all of our other shows.”  

Through audience interaction, ladder bits, and integrated music the cast creates a story from the ground up with comedy, love, tragedy, and outlaws.   


   An audience member that saw the very first ever public performance of On the Road to Verona wrote a review on the MN Fringe website, that touched the cast deeply.

"Such storytelling makes me want to pack my things and join the characters on their proverbial Road. The feeling is nothing short of magical."                                                                                                                                 - Jonathan Muroya, Opening Night Audience Member

What The people are saying 

"Talent! Talent! Talent"                               "Future Stars" "Crazy Amazing!"              "Enchanting"                       "So freaking funny and cute!"     

            "A MUST SEE"              "Go See This Show!!!"            "Grand Fun!"                           "On the road to brilliance!" "A Delight"

     "Blow Us All Away"     "The Best Show I've Seen at Fringe"            "THE MUSIC!!!!"                                  "Shakespeare would be proud!"

"A totally inventive take on Shakespeare!"            "#omg #THEBESTFRINGE"               "Wonderfully fun!"       "Energetic, whimsical bard-iness" 

               "No frills. Nothing fancy. Just actors and an audience."                           "Multi-talented Group of Young Artists!"                      

- 2016 Fringe Festival Attendees


"How am I going to tell people what I saw tonight?  Because they won’t understand how big it was and how important it was and how incredible it was.   You know, I’ve been 45 years, maybe, doing this, and I have a bunch of friends and we talk about how often you see something that is so good, you’re changed by seeing it.  And it’s so different, and so unexpected, that you’re changed by seeing it.  We figured it’s like once every seven years you see something like that.  I’ve got three or four of them and I’ve just added one."

- John Viars, Former Presidant of AACT


*Best New Act 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Bottomless Hat Awards

*Outstanding Achievement in Live Original Music AACT*Fest 2017 State Level

*Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Work AACT*Fest 2017 State Level 

*Best of Fest AACT*Fest 2017 State Level

*Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Work AACT*Fest 2017 Regional Level

*Outstanding Achievement in Directing AACT*Fest 2017 Regional Level

*Best of Fest AACT*Fest 2017 Regional Level

*Aidan Driscoll for Best Supporting Actor (Nominated) AACT*Fest 2017 National level 

*Rebekah Novinger for Best Supporting Actress (Nominated) AACT*Fest 2017 National level 


Lauren Tebben

Antione/The Duke

   Lauren has developed a number of stage and film scripts with SkyVault and other organizations, helped create and perform in A Christmas Carol Radio Show, and has performed in SkyVault’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast since 2015.  Lauren has had many roles, including acting and directing in more than a dozen productions, as well as teaching.  See her in On the Road to Verona as Antione, the one to step up to the plate when Will goes missing.  

Instruments: Bass, Trumpet

Ashley Harding


   Ashley has been a member of the Company since 2010.  Since then she has performed in more than 20 theatre productions and as a member of SkyVault's Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast.  This is her sixth Shakespeare collaboration and she has severals years worth of active directing and stage managing experience.  In this production, she plays Silvia, the gentle hearted love interest of Valentine. 

Instruments: Percussion    


Logan Guo


   Although this is Logan's first Shakespeare collaboration he has collaborated on writing  numerous songs with SkyVault.  He has performed in a dozen or so SkyVault productions, in the Sherwood Forest cast at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and in this play, he is Valentine, the young man defiant of love, only to be struck by it harder than Cinderella's clock strikes 12.  

Instruments: Banjo, Ukulele, 1/2 buh. 

Josiah Novinger


   With over 10 years of theatre experience under his belt, Josiah has been involved in over a dozen company productions, including being on the creative team that developed the original musical On the Road to Verona for which he was a part of bringing home the Outstanding Achievements In Ensemble Performance.  Since 2016, he has had work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival as part of the core performing ensemble and has also had directing, set design and musical roles since joining SkyVault in 2015.  In Verona, he plays Proteus, a young man conflicted with love and the idea of love. 

Instruments: Harmonica 

Olivia O'Neil


Olivia has collaborated in writing four original musicals, and created the award winning character of Julia, Proteus' love interest, in On the Road to Verona in 2016.  Since then she has toured the Midwest with both plays and live music, in addition to numerous experiences in various production roles including teaching and costuming.  She was also a part of the original cast of Sherwood Forest at The Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 2015, where she and the cast were nominated for Best Street Act.  

Instruments: Guitar


Molly Kiley


   This is Molly’s fifth collaborative development of SkyVault’s annual Shakespeare production with her first stage appearance at age 8.  Since then she has been in more than a dozen shows, and has been a part SkyVault’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival cast since 2015. Molly has also held many lead tech roles, as well as worked as production coordinator and teacher.  In this play, she plays Speed, the French messanger, that's never quite understandable. 

Rebekah Novinger 



   Rebekah acted in several Company productions before being part of the original SkyVault Ensemble in 2013.  Since then Rebekah has been at the center of creating numerous plays with SkyVault. This is her fifth collaborative involvement in a Shakespeare production, and she was a founding member of the 2014 award winning troupe at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and has developed musical scores for theatre productions (including Book Travelers and nAnnie McTwist ) and films.  Her character in this play is Clothilde, the bass playing second-in-command. 

Instruments: Bass, Accordion, Ukulele

Aidan Driscoll


Aidan made his first appearance at age 6 in an amateur version of A Charlie Brown Christmas and has been part of collaboratively creative ensembles since 2012, when a group wrote an original, onstage, silent "movie", The Sky is Falling! which Included sight gags and slapstick comedy and was performed with the set surrounding the audience.  As a seasoned musician and writer, he has performed throughout the Midwest in several Fringe Festivals, countless coffee shops, expansive stages and auditoriums where he has received national awards for Outstanding Achievement In Live Original Music at AACT*Fest 2017 Region V, and a nomination for Outstanding Achievement in a Featured Role for Mike, everyone's bumbling sidekick, in On the Road to Verona at the AACT*Fest 2017 national level.  

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele

Margaret Slater


   Margaret began performing on stage at age 6, and for the past four years, she has been on teams that have created several musicals, including an original youth production, nAnnie McTwist and A Christmas Carol Radio Show.  She has performed in more than two dozen shows, and was part of the 2015 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Sherwood Forest Cast.  In Verona, she plays Wren, the mischievious foil to all the other minstels' plans.